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18 Taichi Qi Gong (Shibashi)

The 18 Postures/Movements


1  Tai Chi start

2  Opening the chest

3  Rainbow dance

4  Rolling the arms (repulse monkey)

5  Separating the clouds

6  Rowing the boat

7  Lifting the ball

8  Turn and look at the moon

9  Turn waist to push palm

10 Cloud hands

11 Punching

12 Flying goose

13 Rotate the wheel

14 Push the wave

15 Flying dove (pigeon)

16 Scoop the sea then look at the sky

17 Bouncing the ball

18 Balancing Qi (Finish)


The above structure and terminology follows Michael Tse's book  - Qigong, for Health and Vitality (1995)  isbn 0-7499-1336-3

In 1992 he launched Qi Magazine and Tse Qigong Centre and clinics in Harley Street and Manchester.


Different authors may use different terminology/descriptors of the postures and variations in execution and order of performance exist.



Click the link below for an easy to follow, illustrated, online guide to Shibashi



Everyday Tai Chi has very useful information. - click here


Ronnie Robinson demonstrating Shibashi




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