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Tai Chi 24 Form (Yang style)


The 24 Postures or Movements/Steps - listed by Wikipedia.

  1. Commencing (Qǐshì, 起势), Preparation, Beginning
  2. Part the Wild Horse's Mane (Zuoyou Yémǎ Fēnzōng, 左右野马分鬃), LEFT and RIGHT
  3. White Crane Spreads Its Wings (Báihè Lìangchì, 白鹤亮翅), Stork/Crane Cools Its Wings
  4. Brush Knee and Step Forward (Zuoyou Lōuxī Àobù, 左右搂膝拗步), Brush Knee and Twist Step, LEFT and RIGHT
  5. Playing the Lute (Shǒuhūi Pípā, 手挥琵琶), Strum the Lute, Play Guitar
  6. Reverse Reeling Forearm (Zuoyou Dào juǎn gōng, 左右倒卷肱), Step Back and Drive Monkey Away, LEFT and RIGHT
  7. Left Grasp Sparrow's Tail (Zuo Lǎn Què Wěi, 左揽雀尾), Grasp the Bird's Tail
    1. Ward Off (Peng, 掤)
    2. Rollback (Lǚ, 捋)
    3. Press (Jǐ, 擠)
    4. Push (Àn, 按)
  8. Right Grasp Sparrow's Tail (You Lǎn què wěi, 右揽雀尾)
  9. Single Whip (Dān biān, 单鞭)
  10. Wave Hands Like Clouds (Yúnshǒu, 云手), Cloud Hands, Cloud Built Hands, Wave Hands in Clouds
  11. Single Whip (Danbian, 单鞭)
  12. High Pat on Horse (Gāo tàn mǎ, 高探马), Step Up to Examine Horse
  13. Right Heel Kick (Yòu dēng jiǎo, 右蹬脚), Separate Right Foot, Kick with Right Foot
  14. Strike to Ears with Both Fists (Shuāng fēng guàn ěr, 双峰贯耳)
  15. Turn Body and Left Heel Kick (Zhuǎnshēn zuǒ dēngjiǎo, 转身左蹬脚)
  16. Left Lower Body and Stand on One Leg (Zuo Xià shì dúlì, 左下势独立)
    1. Single Whip Squatting Down, Snake Creeps Down,
    2. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg, Golden Bird Standing Alone
  17. Right Lower Body and Bird Stand on One Leg (You Xià shì dúlì, 右下势独立)
  18. Shuttle Back and Forth (Yòuzuǒ yùnǚ chuānsuō, 右左玉女穿梭), Fair Lady Works with Shuttles, (Walking Wood), Four Corners, RIGHT and LEFT
  19. Needle at Sea Bottom (Hǎidǐ zhēn, 海底针)
  20. Fan Through Back (Shǎn tōng bì, 闪通臂), Fan Penetrates Back
  21. Turn Body, Deflect, Parry, and Punch (Zhuǎnshēn Bānlánchuí, 转身搬拦捶)
  22. Appears Closed (Rúfēng shìbì, 如封似闭), Withdraw and Push, as if Closing a Door
  23. Cross Hands (Shízìshǒu, 十字手)
  24. Closing (Shōushì, 收势

The 24 Form (Yang style) was the result of the Chinese Sports Committee, which, in 1956, brought together four t'ai chi teachers - Chu GuitingCai LongyunFu Zhongwen, and Zhang Yu - to create a simplified form of t'ai chi as exercise for the masses. (Wikipedia) 

Fu Zhongwen was taught directly for more than 20 years by Yang Chengfu who revised and standardised the Yang Style on which the 24 Form is based. The original Yang style was informed by the Chen family who originated Tai Chi and is significantly more complex to fully learn/understand.

The Chen family (Style) was not represented at the 1956 Committee, although now is recognised as the world wide eminent authority and international standard bearers of all Tai Chi.


To complete the Yang 24 Form takes about 4 to 6 minutes at an even pace and height but you can perform with even slower movements. 


The numbering sequence of the postures/steps is purely ordinal as some postures contain significantly more movement and complexity than others


The required space is approximately 4m length by 1.4m wide to coplete the 24 Form.


Books and links

There have been numerous books written to explain the 24 Form and some of these are listed under Links



YouTube contains sources of information and inspiration.


The 24 Form with Posture titles. click here


One of the top Grand Masters demonstrating the 24 Form :-

Professor Li Deyin details the 24 Form - click here


Dr Paul Lamb 24 Form instructions. - click here


A most beautiful performance :-

Another YouTube demonstration of the 24 Form. - click her




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