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Medical Research



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"Tai Chi involves gentle flowing movement to improve strength, posture and balance. It has become an increasing popular form of exercise."


"Tai Chi is a complimentary healthcare approach for many different ailments, with both physical and psychosocial benefits"



Many world wide medical reseach papers have been published covering the significant health benefits of regular Tai Chi practice. 


For the authoritative "NHS guide to Tai Chi. -  click here






Tai Chi "exercise philosophy" is very different from the usual Western idea of pumping up the heart-rate and thrashing the muscles and arms and legs. The goal of Holistic Tai Chi is to be able to practice without puffing, because the goal is strength, stamina, flexibility and efficient muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons  (rather than aching muscles or damaged joints, ligaments or tendons). As an internal art all the organs of the body are gently worked in a systematic manner, in a holistic pursuit of health through a better flow of energy (Chi) along the 12 meridians.


The meditative qualities of Tai Chi being benefitial in their own right, also support a more general approach to Mindful Living throughout each day. The synerygy between Tai Chi 

and the modern Mindfulness approach is significant and necessary, in the modern world full of pressure and tensions.


Mindfulness is an increasingly recognised medical approach to dealing with the many stresses of the modern world,(See NICE) from which many of us suffer. It helps to rediscover peace and contentment. Tai Chi helps with this ability to show up in our lives and live in the NOW! ----- Discover your inner and deeper self. Consider self motivation. self referencing, self determination and self realisation.


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  Tai Chi Tuesdays
  11 - 11.40am
  PilogaFit Fridays
  11 - 11.40am
Please email for details of these classes through zoom.
Plus New online zoom classes coming soon.
New starters welcome.  - The HAPPY HOUR
PilogaFit Plus  
11 - 11.40am  Wednesdays.
A slightly more demanding class in terms of weights and floor work.
Chen Tai Chi Health
11 - 11.40am Thursdays
A focus on Chen style Tai Chi essentials - Silk Reeling, Spiralling and Twining energies.
The cost of these two classes is pay as you go £4 each or the two per week for £7. The cost is per household per device
As other classes start. This will be the weekly fee per household
One class  £4 
Two            £7
Three         £9
Four         £10
Secure/confidential payment options 
online include
Bank Transfer
PayPal (john@clickbeasley.com)
Cheque by post
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Classes run during school holidays



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